Why a Medical Technician Certification is Valuable

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The medical technician certification courses are gaining popularity rapidly following the career opportunities in this sector. Many of the medical institutions are now organizing the courses in such a way so that students can complete it successfully. Passing the technician examinations is not difficult and once you get the certificate you get several chances to prove yourself.  The certification programs are the modified versions of the previous programs that these organizations arrange to set standard among the medical professionals. Joining the courses you learn more about the duties and responsibilities of medical technicians and you implement this knowledge successfully while handling different emergency patients.

Medical Technician Certification and its Different Uses:

When you complete the course you get a certificate to prove that you have went through the training. If you have this certificate you can choose any field to exercise your skill as an EMT. That means a candidate can either be in the health care department in core or in any other field. Then, at the next stage, if you specialize, you get the certificate to work in any particular department. In short getting the certificate is enough to be a part of adventurous medical technician job life, no matter whether you specialize or not.

Taking part in Medical Technician Certification Courses:

In order to take part in medical technician certification courses a candidate should meet a few prerequisites. He or she has to be a student of science and should have read chemistry, physics and biology as the main subject in the high school. It is important for the candidates to pass high school examination with good marks in the mentioned subjects. These requirements are same for both physical and online courses. However, if you enroll for online courses you must be sure that it is legitimate as some brands organize courses under the name of those reputed organizations but these are not authentic always.

The Highest Paying Medical Technician Jobs

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Every year a huge number of students enroll in emergency medical technician courses to fulfill their dream. These students want to know about the job opportunities for medical technicians to decide in which field they should specialize. Here you will get information on the highest paying medical technician jobs that ease your search process.

Biomedical Equipment Technicians:

A biomedical equipment technician can earn $30,000 to $40,000 per month. Mainly the professionals work on the advanced equipments when these are in use. They check the equipments prior the health care technicians use them to check a patient’s condition. They have the knowledge to operate both simple and sophisticated equipments like electric wheelchair, chemo equipments and CAT scanner. Along with repairing these, the person also exercise his/ her skill for equipment maintenance to ensure that the devices are fully functioning.

Medical Laboratory Technicians:

This is one of the high paying medical technician jobs and every year majority of the students specializes in this wing. Medical laboratory technicians play a huge role in diagnosing diseases. The technicians analyses the serum and other samples using hi-tech equipments to find out the disease in the patients.

Sometimes, the specialized professionals keep record of the reports of different patients so that doctors can gain access to these reports easily. In addition they check the equipments before using these and maintain the technically advanced devices. These technicians can earn more than other regular laboratory technicians and he or she can raise the income up to $80,000 when he/she gets experienced.

Dental Technician:

If you could not fulfill your dream to become a dentist do not worry because you can now become a dental technician easily and do some of the jobs of a dentist, if not all.  As a technician you will assist the oral care process by testing the samples, preparing the dental medications and materials, by preparing the x-ray films and by providing patients with required first aid.

Medical Lab and Laboratory Technician Training Program

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MLT program, also called medical lab, laboratory technician training program continues for two years, and it is divided in four semesters. Students need to complete the first semester successfully to take part in the spring semester.  The study course combines fundamental principles on laboratory techniques along with clinical experience in different affiliated laboratories. Students both gain theoretical knowledge and have practical experience in different subjects like microbiology, blood baking, phlebotomy, hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, etc. Understanding the functionality and uses of different laboratory equipments is also an important part of their training program.

The Work Environment:

After completing the medical lab and laboratory technician training program successfully, either you can work in hospitals as a lab technician or you can join an affiliated diagnostic center. Record says that most of the technicians, who complete the courses with flying colors, get chances to work in the reputed hospitals and they avail this option considering the benefits.

Initially, you may not get a high pay what the registered diagnostic centers will offer you, but here you have more chances to learn about your profession. Working in the hospitals, you gain in-depth knowledge about the job life and duties of the technician being with those experienced professionals and this hand-on experience broadens your options to prosper as a laboratory technician. It may not be possible if you join those diagnostic centers.

Licensing or Certification:

It is though not a mandatory rule but in some states the medical lab and laboratory technicians need to register them with any affiliated organization. If this is a mandatory rule in your state then you have to join such institution for training that will make arrangements to register you with the reputed organizations. If you do not get support from them, it will be difficult for you to get registration. Thus, prior enrolling checking this point is important.

Medical Technician Careers – The Most Prosperous Career Opportunities

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With the growth of the allied healthcare wing, demand for medical professional is increasing every day. Thousands of jobs are being available for the medical technicians, and most of these are high paying in nature. The article describes a few jobs that students should always aim to choose to start their medical technician careers.

A Dietetic Technician:

As a dietetic technician, you will assist the professional dietitians to create nutritional and healthy meals and special food based diets following the physical need of the patients. You also have to take the responsibility to educate patients on their basic food requirements so that they can cope up with the diet chart easily. Until they learn about the food value of different items, they do not agree to give up unhealthy eating practices. Motivating patients to follow the required diet is thus an important part of your career. If you gain experience, you can work in the state affiliated organizations as dietetic officers. If you want your job life to be a bit adventurous, then join the NGOs that work on such projects and camps at different places. 


Cardiovascular Technicians:

Students who are planning to start their medical technician careers can consider this option.  As a cardiovascular technician, you assist physicians in diagnosing heart condition of the patients so that they can pick the right treatment process easily. Not only that, as a technician they help the doctors in analyzing whether the patient is suffering from any underlying blood vessel problems or not. Explaining the test and treatment procedures to the patients to let them adjust with it is also a vital part of your job life.  Technicians will track the heart condition of the patients using those advanced equipments and will report this to the doctors to enhance the treatment procedure.

Difference between Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics

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Apparently, there is no difference between the professional life of the emergency medical technicians and the paramedic as they do almost the same job. They are always there to assist the victims who suffer from either accidental issues or severe health conditions. However, if you want to start your life as an emergency medical professional you have to go for different courses than the paramedic training courses. EMTs or emergency medical technicians have to complete the courses that continue for 120 or 150 hours maximum. The paramedic courses on the other hand continue for 1,200 to 1,600 hours. Therefore, the paramedics have to study more on emergency medical services than what the technicians do.

The Practice Differences

During the training period paramedics need to go through intense practical training, which is not an essential part of the technician training program. In most of the states the technician does not have the provision to stay with intravenous lifelines or to give special shots. Paramedics have both the provision to deliver shots and to utilize advanced airway devices in order to support breathing. Basic emergency medical technicians also do not have the stipulation to use all kind of the medical aids such as glucose, oxygen, asthma inhalers etc because there a training program do not include classes on operating these major equipments. Paramedics also have the training to use near about 35-40 medications, depending on the seriousness of the issues.

The Most Needed Pre-Hospital Service Providers

Though the emergency medical technicians training program do not include all the major steps but still the health care division consider the EMTs as the most needed pre-hospital patient care service provider. During any emergency situation the technicians can offer advanced support and care that a patient deserves to get rid of the situation.

Medical Assistant Technician – An Emerging Factor in Modern Medical Arena

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Medical assistant technician, also commonly called medical assistant, are gradually emerging out to take a leading position in the medical sector. They play active role within a medical team and carry out a vast number of functions, including administrative services in many cases.

Medical technicians are trained personnel who come in handy to issue important paperwork, initiate admitting procedure of patients, and assist in important laboratory services. Doctors depend heavily on such trained and skilled personnel. They even prescribe medicines and carry our other medical requirements after consulting with experienced medical assistant technicians. However, in most cases, a medical assistant technician assist in almost all procedures performed with patients.

Duties of medical assistant technicians

A clinical medical assistant technician assists to carry out important functions like performing ECGs, phlebotomy, take notes on vital signs of patients etc. they are also responsible to keep records of such dealings and report them to designated doctors and assist them to prepare medical prescriptions.

Licensing and certification for a medical assistant technician

As for now, there are no set rules for standardizing the licensing requirements to recruit medical assistant technicians in clinics or laboratories. Many centres may deploy their own screening process or take the experience of such personnel before recruiting.

Job and salary prospect

If the present medical scenario is considered, the arena is turning out to be a booming platform for medical assistant technicians. The experience and wide genre of practicing range of such medical technicians also offer huge prospect across innumerable administrative and clinical task handling.

Medical Lab and Laboratory Technician-Why they are an Important Part of Healthcare Field

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The environment around us is getting polluted rapidly. Everyday scientists are discovering new diseases and symptoms, which are hard to cure. Still, there is a ray of hope as medical professionals like medical assistant technicians, emergency medical technicians, and medical lab and laboratory technician are there to aid the process of treatment in several ways while helping the experts to find out remedies for such fatal diseases. As there is a growing demand for these professionals thus their job opportunities are increasing rapidly and it is evident from recent record. In the US more than 330,000 people are involved in medical field and they are working either as EMT or laboratory technician.

About the Laboratory Technician Program:

Medical lab and laboratory technician training program continues for two years and it is divided into 4 semisters-6 months in each semester. If you are taking part in online program, you have to complete the course work part (it is organized during first semester) successfully to enter the spring semester. The study course combines theoretical and practical classes where you learn both fundamental principles on laboratory techniques and then get practical experience working in affiliated laboratories. You get both theoretical and practical knowledge on fields like phlebotomy, immunology, blood banking, clinical chemistry, hematology and others. Learning how to operate different laboratory instruments is also an important part of the program.

Is it’s a Prosperous Job:

Yes, candidates who are taking medical lab and laboratory technician training have a prosperous future because their employment is about to grow by 10 to 11% within coming a few years.  As there will be an increase in aged population thus more and more laboratory technicians will be needed to diagnose health condition of these individuals. Without their help, it will be impossible to combat diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, AIDS etc. With time, doctors will have to use advanced technologies and equipments to treat patients and they will need help of expert technicians in every aspect.

Innovations Helping a Medical Technician to Diagnose Patients Effectively

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Technical revolution and innovations on the field of medical science are turning out to be boon for a modern age medical technician. Several innovations in recent times have certainly added more strength in diagnosing and treatment process by efficient medical technologists.

Technology reducing biopsies of melanoma

Melanoma, a deadly nature of skin cancer requires invasive surgical intervention for proper detection and confirmation till date. However, with introduction of MelaFind optical scanner, modern medical technicians are able to deduce enough information about such condition without initiating invasive surgical process. The device helps in reducing unnecessary biopsies check up cost.

Technology resulting in needle-less diabetes care

Checking diabetes involves invasion of needles to draw out blood for detecting sugar levels. However, modern medical innovations have given rise to a device that effectively detects sugar levels in human blood without involving needle intrusion.

Medical practitioners press a device appearing like electric-toothbrush to remove upper layers of skin cell so that the blood chemistry of the patient is under the signal range. The sensors of the device records per minute reading and transfers the data to remote monitor wirelessly. The monitor triggers alarm signal in case the glucose level in patients’ blood increases.

Technology for induction of heart valves

Various innovative procedure for helping patients with deformities of heart valves have come into place that reduces open heart surgeries and long time recuperation in hospitals. An experienced medical technician uses innovative sapien transcatheter heart aortic valves as an effective alternative to open-heart surgical procedure. The valve is manufactured with bovine tissues that are attached to stainless steel staints. The stents expand through inflation of miniature balloons. The treatment process is comparatively cost effective to open heart surgeries.

Medical treatment has come long ways with innovative technology and expert medical technician in the field. Technology is serving as a tool to make medical professionals more efficient in detecting and curing diseases promptly without making the patient suffer for longer periods.

Things to Learn from Emergency Medical Technicians

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The institutions that organize emergency medical technicians program generally divide the program schedule in three different parts.-The didactic part, the field ride part and the final testing part. While going through the didactic part you get practical knowledge of dealing with patients in emergency. In the next part, the experts will let you working with patients who are in need of emergency medical support. Here, students need to work with 10 students minimum but some institutions allow working with a few more. The last part of the program continues for 8 hours where you get intensive knowledge on how to care for the patients, from the lectures delivered by the experts.

The Different Formats of the programs:

An emergency medical technicians program is also divided into three categories. These are accelerated program, which is organized in weekdays, evening programs, where you have to attend classes in evening for a few days in a week and the weekend program that continues for 6 to 7 hours during Saturdays and Sundays. Duration of the accelerated, evening and weekend programs are 3 weeks, 11 weeks and 8 weeks respectively.

Medical Requirements:

To take part in any of the emergency medical technicians program, a candidate has to be physically fit and it is a mandatory rule to follow. You have to go for regular physical check ups prior taking admission in the selected program and should carry a document from a physician that proves your fitness. You have to attach the fitness certificate while filling the admission form. It proves that the candidate has no such physical limitations to take part in clinical and classroom component of the program. A candidate must also carry a copy of the compensation insurance or personal health insurance card to take part in the ride-along component of any of the programs. If you forget to take the card, you have to bear medical care expenses personally in case of illness, exposure or injury.

Role Played by Medical Assistant Technician in Health Care Field

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Medical assistant technician jobs is perfect for those people who want to take part in the administrative jobs related to health care system and at the same time like to assist the doctors in health care program. Thus, you have to be careful to choose an institution where you can learn all these facts in detail. In health care field, medical assistants are now regarded as the jack of all trades as they assist both the front desk jobs and are working dedicatedly in the exam room as well. When you take part in the medical assistant technician program, you actually get two degrees at the end. Along with being an assistant technician, you are also certified as a phlebotomy technician. Therefore it can be said easily that job opportunities for assistant technicians are greater than other the emergency technicians as they expertise on diverse mattes.

The Changing Phase of the Job:

With the intensive use of advanced technologies, medical assistant technician job nature is changing constantly. Along with getting enough theoretical knowledge on respective field it is mandatory for the candidates to learn using different technological devices and software. That is why most of the institutions are modifying their schedule and including classes to teach candidates how to use EHR software.

Electronic health care is particular software used to record a patient’s personal and medical information. This will help the assistants to share related information with the doctors and other health care personnel when required. In addition, they can now modify the record track easily using this software. As a modern assistant technician therefore you have to learn everything about the different uses of this and other software. At present, it is a pre-requisite for many of the medical assistant technician training institution that candidates must have basic idea of modern technological devices and you have to match this criterion to become either an administrative assistant or a clinical assistant.